SMGP-443 Early NSKK Dagger by Eickhorn *SOLD


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This is a nice Eickhorn with proper Eickhorn matching (HE) guards. The grip is a nice lacquered rosewood with matching early eagle. The lower guard has no area marking, which we do find from time to time. A nice grimy looking patina has developed on the nickel fittings, which does go nicely with the rest of the dagger. The enamel SA inlay shows some wear, but is not heavily damaged. The blade shows surface corrosion and some minor pitting. You could clean it up a bit if so desired. The blade edges are factory, un sharpened. The scabbard is real nice, having an almost perfect ball tip, which we all know is hard to find. The tip is missing one screw. The scabbard fittings are nickel plated steel and have oxidized a little differently then the solid nickel fittings. Its possible this was a replacement scabbard. There are two very thin layers of paint, which leads me to believe that this was an original black scabbard and was professionally painted both times by the factory. Non factory paint jobs, even modern ones are using very thick. the scabbard does not appear to have any dents or major corrosion. Present is some spearing, which I like to see on original paint.

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