SMGP-461 NSKK W/frog by HACO *SOLD


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This is an early dagger with the proper “B” stamped solid nickel guard. I love the slim profile natural wood finished grip! SA enamel looks great. The blade is in great shape, no rust or pitting at all. Someone did put a light edge on the blade, you can see some of the residual sanding marks. That’s really the only thing hurting this dagger in my opinion. The scabbard looks like an early anodized that was repainted black in period. It was common for the NSKK to do this to regular SA daggers using a brush, as I believe this one is. There is a typical ding to the scabbard ball tip. The fittings are early nickel. The frog, which is hard to find for some reason, has ben painted again with a brush. This work is very old and likely done in field as well. The snap regretfully has broken. A nice dagger with lots of history.

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