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Germany Awake. The Beginning of the Struggle and Victory of the (NSDAP) National Socialist German Worker?s Party. This is an example of the Cigaretten Bilderdienst books of the Third Reich. These were issued as blank-paged albums as far as the pictures were concerned and when you bought a pack of Altoona cigarettes you found inside a coupon that you would then in turn send in to the company which issued the album and you would receive a packet of the Photographs that you would then paste in to the album. When you had all the packets you would complete the book and the proud patriotic family would have a highly thought-of souvenir that chronicled the history of the Kampfzeit (struggle to power). This is considered the hornbook of the Nazi movement in the early 1930s. The book was issued with strictly black-and-white pictures and then later it was issued with wonderful Agfa color. This one that we offer is the Black & White version. It has 150 pages with pictures ranging in size form 3 x 5ins, 5 x 3ins, 6.5ins x 5ins and several large, full-page pictures. This edition is complete. In the back of the book is a large fold-out picture that is quite large of the consecration of the standards at the Nuremberg Party Rally. It is an amazing photo collage of thousands and thousands of the uniformed ranks of the party functionaries, the SS, SA, and political-leader corps. The picture is in a word astounding and the picture clarity is wonderful. The pictures inside are great; both the black and whites and the colour. If you have never seen an edition of this you are in for a treat if you are the purchaser. Here before you is the whole saga of the Third Reich from its inception on through the putsch, the elections, the martyrs, the stalwarts of the SS and SA, the achievements of the NSDAP, the rallies, the leaders, etc. The book measures 9 1/2 x 12 inches with a Red Cloth cover that is Embossed. This Copy is in good condition, but still rare and important to any archival collection. Millions were issued, but are extremely hard to find, today.

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