SMGP-720 NSDAP Banner with provenance *SOLD


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This banner is about 44″x30″. Aside from being a very desirable size, being small enough to neatly display, it comes with excellent provenance. This banner was recently acquired from the family of Art Larson who served in the US army. With the banner you will receive two photos of Larson in country with the actual banner, one photo of Larson at a 1980 reunion with a different banner, and a news paper cut out with a note dated 1985 pertaining to the event. Even though we see these banners all the time, the stories and men attached to them are often lost. This is one of the few times you can connect the item directly to a group of service men. The flag does have some condition issues, a tear at the top and the pole pass through is torn. It was likely cut from the rod supporting it. The banner itself is two sided and 3 piece construction. The family expressed great concern with making sure the banner went into the hands of a collector who would truly appreciate the piece.

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