THM-1789 George Washington Inaugural Button


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ON CONSIGNMENT.?? Worn in honor of the 1789 inauguration of George Washington, these buttons served the same purpose as recent political paraphenernalia and are the most sought after American buttons. These ”Washington Inaugurals” were produced in copper, brass, and silver plate and are usually flat with brazed- on shanks.??Although their precise origins are not clear, they were probably made in the colonies by coin makers, jewelers, and other various metalworkers. This particular?copper variant is commonly known as the “Eagle and Star”.??The pins outer border is decorated throughout with?incuse uniform dots or indentations.?The central?design has an American Heradic Eagle with Liberty shield on its breast with arrows and Laurel branch clutched in its talons. The Eagles head is wisely turned towards the Laurel, which?displays our countries preference for peace.?Above the Eagle is a six pointed Star with Rays. It has lovely golden-brass with deeper areas of rich chocolate in color and mostly uniform in appearance, with much of the original luster remaining with the Eagle and Star. The original shank is straight and fully intact. The details on this pin are very attractive, sharp, and with excellent eye appeal.?One of the finest one has encountered. This is an excellent opportunity?to acquire a piece of early?American presidential history that inadvertently took part in shaping this country.

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