SMGL-2845 Tripled Etched Justice Official Sword w/Dedication by Paul Weyersberg


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First off, let me tell you that the amount of hand detail and embellishment is amazing. This sword is ultra rare, and i believe it is the only one currently on the market. This sword is not only beautifully triple etched, but it also has the owners initials expertly engraved into the rear shield AND a 25 year service dedication on the underside of the D guard! The lion head has flat cut redg glass eyes which is an unusual upgrade as well as a ray skin grip as compared to the more typical black celluloid. The engraving is dated July 1, 1930, putting this sword in the early third Reich days. The blade looks great but there are a few small nicks here and there, an 8 out of 10 I would say. No rust or plate lifting. The scabbard has some small dents on the lower half. The shell has taken on a oddly handsome brown tone, which is nothing more then a very even oxidation. There appears to be a lacquer coat that is only partially remaining on one side.

This is a super hard to find sword, so don’t wait around for it!

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