TUL-05 USN Canvas Leggings *REDUCED


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USN canvas leggings dated 1-12-45 on inside. The manufacturer’s stamp on inside of leggings reads ”TWEEDIE FOOTWEAR CORPORATION”.?The? NX in the lower left corner under the manufacturer stamp denotes them as being issued to the U.S. Navy, and made toward the end of WW2 . These canvas leggings are clean, have no tears?and are in?fantastic condition.? There is however, some very minor light?staining on the upper outside of right calf, and this is what?keeps these leggings from being in the mint category. All the laces are present, and the black buckles and?straps still look brand new. These leggings appear?as if they were never issued in WW2 or Korea. Great for a military collection a USMC/USN re-enactor.

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