SMGL-2857 Early Split Brooch Purple Heart Named Pre WW2 numbered


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This is the Holly Trifecta of purple hearts! Named to a William B. Burgess. There is a William Baxter Burgess who had this listed about him in his obituary when he died in 2009 “Baxter was a veteran of World War II, and served as Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army 69th Infantry Division, “The Fighting 69th”, he served in the 888th Field Artillery Battalion in Europe.” You may be able to find more on him. However, due to the low serial number this heart must have been for someone in ww1 or earlier.  The Heart is numbered 12250 on the rim. From what ive read WW2 Purple hearts were numbered about 75,000 or greater.  When the medal was first released and authorized for veterans of previous conflicts to request by letter, even Civil War Vets. The award has a split brooch as you would expect from a purple heart this early. These are very hard to come by these days. the ribbon is in need of replacement with a period correct one or maybe repaired with thread is possible. Whatever you do, keep the split brooch as this part holds significant value. This one has a nice semi translucent purple enamel that i wish all the later ones still had.

A fantastic and rare opportunity to have a sought after early purple heart in your collection.

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