Why SMG?
I’m Dante Gambino, the guy in the white shirt. All the other people are good friends of mine who you may see helping at my tables from time to time. They all have their own operations, but I believe in a strong mutually supportive dealer network. It allows us all to source more product and to ensure we are offering 100% original militaria.
SMG stands for Sterling Martin Gambino. He went by “Chip” in the dealer circle back in the 90’s. He was a honest guy who was well regarded in the hobby.  It’s my goal to carry on my dad’s name with respect and honor.  My pledge is to offer quality products, no hassle returns, and class leading customer service, just as Chip did.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.

War Relics Group Photo
War Relics Group Photo

Hi, My name is Dante Gambino.

I was inspired to start this website after the passing of my father Sterling “chip” Gambino.  Chip was a well known and respected advanced dagger  collector and 3rd Reich dealer.  He is remembered as “one of the good guys” in this hobby full of shady and rude people.  SMG is a family run business with great heritage and tradition.  When you deal with SMG you are dealing with me, or potentially some of the people who help me out once in a while, my wife, and close friends of mine who I trust that help out at the shows.  This isn’t a huge operation where you get crummy service, what are you getting when you buy from SMG is value in a number of ways.  Firstly, you get genuine artifacts that are guaranteed original to the time period described or assumed which is fancy talk for “you aren’t getting ripped off”.  If something doesn’t seem right to you, or if by chance something slips through the cracks that isn’t what is supposed to be, send the item back.  No big deal, we will make it right!  If you are a specialist in a specific area and you see a listing error or error in a description, send us an email and we will fix it.  We get constant emails asking us if our items are authentic, because the fact of the matter is there are so many sites out there selling awards that are junk, but don’t tell you they are reproductions!

So what else do you get when you buy from SMG?

Personalized service!  Many dealers don’t care about the little guys or have time to spend answering questions.  Some of my customers have turned into my good friends simply because we exchange emails and phone calls often.  This site is operated by a real person and you can get to know me and I get to know you.  You are also buying a name.  What’s that mean?  Most people would say, well I don’t care about the name of anything, I just want the product but in this business the name MEANS SOMETHING.

When people hear that you bought something from SMG War Relics or Dante Gambino, they know you got the real deal.  You didn’t put your trust in some fly by night flea market guy.  You bought quality, originality, service, a friendly person to ask questions, integrity and history.

War Weapons Trade Show

People always ask, where are you located?

Well, we are web based only.  The reasons for that are many, mostly because in this day and age local communities would have a hard time understanding why there is a shop that has Nazi artifacts in it.  It’s a constant battle to explain why good, moral and honest people collect Nazi memorabilia.  I would rather not risk my business to the fate of some ignorant local news reporter or the general public who may not understand why it’s important to preserve and dissect this era in history.  Facebook, eBay and others have so many rules that make it hard for people to enjoy this hobby and even Google has new algorithms that lump this site into a category that “promotes hate” and we suffer in google searches because of it.  If you want to meet us face to face, come to one of the shows we set up at.  We attend the MAX show in Pittsburgh (which is in the fall) and the SOS (Show of Shows) which is in Louisville Kentucky in late winter.  We have six tables at the MAX and four tables at the SOS (it’s hard to get more, these shows are packed).  That’s pretty good spread, as most dealers only have a table or two.  We make a big effort to bring you a great selection.  If you would like to learn more about these shows, dates, hotel info please visit the promoters website or give them a call.

Trusted Websites

These sites are trustworthy sites that you can buy from and use for research.  If you have a similar site, a solid reputation, money back guarantee and would like to be linked here, please contact us.


https://wehrmacht-militaria.com/ Billy Kramer runs this top tier sight with high quality top-end militaria. Buy with confidence.

https://www.parteiabzeichen.ch/ The man, the myth, the legend. Jo Rivett is the king of enamel party badges and is crass humor is sure to please.

https://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/ This is simply the best place to go to get help with authentication and to research items. A vast archive of posts on just about everything from the Third Reich era and a ton of world renound experts and authors that post regularly.

https://www.queencitymilitaria.com/ Go Check out Josh’s site, where you will be sure to pick up great deals on all types of badges and medals.

http://oorlogsspullen.nl Jeroen runs a nice site based in the Netherlands. He has all kinds of great stuff and specializes in paper items.


What SMG is about?

SMG War Relics is dedicated to premium military collectibles.  This site is not a political site and is not intended to promote a political agenda, spread hate or condone the Nazi regime.  To the contrary, our goal is to provide artifacts for collectible and historical value, so that current and future generations will never forget the atrocities of war and genocide.  Our current inventory offers high quality militaria from ancient Japan through modern wars, with a major focus on WW2.  We stock items from WWI and WWII for every major collecting niche.  In our ever expanding and vast inventory you will find daggers, swords, documents, spare parts, patches, badges, stick pins, helmets, field gear, uniforms, flags, fighting knives, and special presentation pieces for WW1 and WW2, and many other conflicts.  We carry all branches whether its Nazi era Luftwaffe, SS, SA, Kriegsmarine, NSKK, Heer or American G.I., Marine, Navy, Air Force… chances are we have something for you.  To keep our inventory full with the very best pieces we are constantly buying wartime memorabilia and militaria collectables.  We buy arms and armor, Japanese Samurai swords, tantos, katanas, spare Tsubas and large collections chock full of German helmets and iron crosses and other awards.  We also offer high end military consignment for your items.  We list it, sell it and ship it… you set the price and collect the check when it sells!  At SMG War-Relics, customer service and integrity are our primary concern.  We offer friendly service and are eager to hear from you!  Send us an email today and experience what professionalism really means in the collectible weapons and war antiques industry.

We sell Nazi and 3rd Reich era tinnies. We buy and sell german helmets, german daggers, german medals, german swords, wound badges, iron crosses, war merit crosses, 1st class, 2nd class, knights cross, photos, postcards, hitler youth related items, enamel pins and awards, award documents, infamous and famous german leaders and generals, german flags, german armbands, german railway, german postal service, DAF, German cog wheel, german auto club, german eagle, german pin, german memorabilia, from world war two and world war one.  We sell Nazi and 3rd Reich era tinnies.  We buy Nazi helmets, Nazi daggers, Nazi medals, Nazi swords, wound badges, iron crosses, war merit crosses, 1st class, 2nd class, knights cross, Nazi photos, Nazi postcards, hitler youth related items, Nazi enamel pins and awards, award documents, infamous and famous Nazi leaders and generals, Nazi flags, Nazi armbands, Nazi railway, Nazi postal service, DAF, Nazi cog wheel, Nazi auto club, Nazi eagle, Nazi pin, Nazi memorabilia, world war two, world war 2, Nazi red cross, Nazi youth.

If you have a historical site that you would like to link here for free please contact us. We are always looking for new low cost ways of networking and growing our exposure.