SMGL-24735 SS concentration camp Guard 4 Ausweis and research File


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An amazing set of ID’s from one guy! You get all 4 Ausweis shown plus a research file on Fritz Frobel done by Robert McDivitt research services. On the Lagerausweis you get the signatures of Concentration camp commanders Bernard Schmidt and Walter Gerlach! Looks like he started as a sturmmann and got promoted to Unterschaf?hrer and re assigned. Unfortunatly the undershafuhrer phot on the lagerausweis is missing. The research file is rather light on this one, likely due to his rank and potentially short service length. I think you will find this to be an excellent value due to the qty of ID’s. There won’t be many other collectors on the black with 4 IDs from one camp guard! Aquaired from the Jay Gillespie collection.

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