SMGL-24736 SS Ober-fuhrer Hans Kersten Ausweis, driver’s license and SS member pin & research File


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A fantastic set! What I love about this set is that as originally stored many years agon, it’s clear to see there was weight applied to it and the Ausweis was pressed into the drivers license. Because of that, the drivers license bears the mark of the stick pin and the staples from the phot. What’s even neater, is that the drivers license was upside down in respect to the position of the Ausweis. It’s nice to see this sort of thing on original documents. The stick pin is also no a maker marked or numbered piece. Furth setting the record straight that un numbered pieces where available to purchase and are period correct. The pin is a brass material with a painted core. Likely a later purchase by the officer. His file, researched by Robert E. McDivitt, is pretty juicy and contains the complete microfiche set in photocopy form. I think you will find this set very enjoyable to have in your collection due to the un

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