SS & Camp related

The SS is arguably the most desirable organization to collect. No matter how you slice it, they were the bad guys. They became the driving force of Nazi fanaticism and the Holocaust in general. This mystique and the cult like mechanics during the Third Reich is what drives the interest in this area. There are less items available in the market due to the smaller size of the fighting wing (compared to the rest of the Wehrmacht) and also the destruction of anything related to the SS at the end of the war. Being a Nazi was bad enough, but if you were a member of the SS, at the end of the war you were pretty much screwed (and rightfully so). So many former members destroyed all things they had related to the SS. I'm sure allies did the same thing considering the war crimes they must have seen first hand. Although most SS items are not extremely rare, they are in high demand and prices continue to escalate.

The Waffen SS was the fighting arm, the Allgemeine SS was the political/organizational arm and the Totenkopfverbande (Deaths Head) ran the camps. Allgemeine SS had multiple other divisions withing itself like the SD which was an intelligence agency that worked closely with the Gestapo.

Due to the value of SS items, this area of the hobby is riddled with reproductions and fantasy items. One must be very careful what they purchase and only purchase from dealers that have a money back guarantee like us.

The camp related items might be considered the most sensitive area of collecting. We try to offer historical items here that are not too macabre or subjective. You will find Gestapo and SS camp guard items, camp photos and other documents relating to camp life and it's operators. You must be warned that sometimes we will have camp photos and documents that you may find disturbing.