Mother’s Crosses

Established in December 1938, this award remains extremely popular due to its high quality, commonality and visual appearance. You get quite a bit of enamel work for the money. Generally you will find these made in two piece construction with the center roundel affixed to the main cross. They can be found in bronze (4-5 Children), Silver (6-7 Children) and Gold (8 or more Children). It may be of interest to note that a special grade with diamonds exists, although the exact qualifications for it are unknown. Gold examples are the only version found cased. There also exists early styles with the phrase "Das Kind adelt die Mutter" as compared to the commonly found later version with the date "16 December 1938". Miniatures were quite popular and available at LDO authorized retailers. There are also other cross variants and brooches to keep the collector on the hunt. It is commonly known that for some reason, Silver crosses are seemingly harder to find then the Gold version. This leads one to assume the gold versions were awarded with far less strictness to hitting the actual requirement of 8 children.