Postal, Railway & RLB Daggers

The Postal Protection Force or "Postschutz" was established in 1933, while the dagger for officers was available in 1939. There was no subordinate model.

The German Railway Police or "Bahnschutz" was also established in 1933 and the first model dagger was available in 1935. This dagger was simply a standard army dagger with a black grip. Later, in 1938 the second model was released which was a completely new and unique dagger although it's mechanics were much the same. The second model was first made with high quality silvered parts, but later changed over to all aluminum fittings and scabbard.

The RLB was established in 1933 as well. The RLB had an authorized dagger for full time subordinates rank 5-10 which was available in 1936. Also, in 1936 the Leaders dagger was available and looks very similar but has more pronounced features. Both daggers had a minor design change in 1938 with the insignia change of the RLB. Thus, the center grip starburst was changed to the newer version. The leader dagger scabbard also added a two point suspension.

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