SS Daggers & NPEA Daggers

The first SS daggers were awarded in 1933 and structurally are identical to the SA daggers. Aesthetically, the grip is black instead of brown and the SS runes replace the SA insignia in the grip. The scabbards are black anodized on early models. Later, after the RZM was in complete control, the daggers were effected by regulations and material changes in the exact manner as the SA daggers. Nickel fittings were replaced with chrome plated steel and pot metal. The motto on the blade is "Meine Ehre heisst Trueue" (My Honor is My Loyalty). In addition to Rohm versions (as with the SA), there are other special examples like the Himmler Honor Dagger.

In 1936 the chained version was authorized for wear for officers and SS men with 3 or more years of service. It was not uncommon for SS men to "upgrade" their existing dagger to the chained scabbard, thus resulting in an early style dagger with a later style scabbard.

The NPEA (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) or Student Dagger was available in 1935. Since the SS was in ccontrol of this organization, it makes sense that these daggers are in the SS/SA style. The student version has a plain grip with the motto "Mehr Sein als Scheinen" (Be more than you appear to be). The scabbard is in the bayonet style and is worn with a similar frog vertically. The Leader version usually has the national eagle inlay in the grip and a chained olive painted scabbard.

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