Hunting, Shooting & Forestry Daggers

German hunting association daggers had been around well before the Third Reich. The standard pattern was relatively unchanged, in 1936 the dagger was available with the Deutsche Jagerschaft insignia mounted into the staghorn grip. There were a few manufacturers in this area, with a few different models and variations to be found. The association was rather elitist and the place to be if you were looking to rub elbows with the "popped collars" of the day.

Forestry daggers predate the Third Reich. Minor design changes and the addition of the national eagle can be found on Third Reich examples. They are usual described as a "Cutlass". Again, there were a few models with variations between the manufacturers. The national forestry service was mainly in charge of conservation of wildlife and forestry in general.

The German Rifle Association or "Deutscher Schutzen-Verband" was also around well before the Third Reich. They were one of the last organizations to be assimilated nationally by the NSDAP and the Third Reich versions of the daggers were adopted in 1939. Third Reich examples have a celluloid over wood grip that is fragile and very hard to find in un-damaged condition. The association was not paramilitary. The main purpose of the club was to promote shooting and marksmanship within the general public, similar to the NRA in the US today.

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