NSFK & DLV Daggers

There is a very scarce 1934 production DLV Flyers Dagger, which is a bit longer then the first model Luftwaffe dagger and used retention staples in the scabbard bands. It is no doubt that it served as the main influence for the first model Luftwaffe dagger. These 55cm long daggers are also called "transitional First Model Luftwaffe daggers, as some will bear the Luftwaffe inspector marks.

The typical DLV dagger was actually called a flyers knife and was also adopted in 1934 and stayed in production through the NSFK take over in 1937. They were made of high quality nickel alloy. The NSFK kept the same design and later changed over to an aluminum version. Since the daggers were not available for private purchase, you will often find them with serial numbers and distribution marks. They also will have DLV or NSFK marks on the scabbard throats. Examples exist with both, proving that the NSFK rolled over existing DLV stocks to their own.

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