SMGL-24737 Ausweis and Research file for Dr. Karl Astel (SS Standartenfuhrer)


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Dr. Astel Has a long service record which begins with him serving in the infantry in 1916. Then to the Freikorps and joined the Nazi party in 1930. By 1934 he had become a professor at the Jena University. He wrote an important racial paper which prompted the congress of eugenic organizations (in Zurich) to discuss German racial policies. By 1935 her was assigned to the Race and Settlement Main office of the SS. 1937 promoted to Sturmbannfuhrer. By 1939 he became the President of the university of Jena and served as a professor of racial Hygiene. 1942 promoted to Standartenfuhrer, still in the RSHA. Killed himself 4/4/45. Along with other common awards, he received the golden party badge and SS honor ring. He wrote several books on racial matters. This is an amazing chance to own the Ausweis of a man (monster) who helped carve policy and racial prejudices for Nazi Germany. This type of man was indirectly responsible for the murder of millions. Without papers and works from men like Astel, The severity of the holocaust may not have been as bad. Included his a large research file from Robert McDivitt which dates way back to atleast 1991. This item hasn’t seen daylight in 30 years and can be the highlight of many SS collections.

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