SMGL-2232 Promotion to Major Signed by von Brauchitsch


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A superb early promotion folder and document. It promotes Ernst Bode to Major in 1939 and is signed by Field Marshall Von Brauchitsch. His signature is done by hand and is 100% authentic. The Hitler signature, as with almost all documents at this level, is a stamp. At the top, “in the name of the german people” is beautifully done in gilt letters. The lower left corner has the national eagle and wreath embossed in the paper. The document has a cover page to protect it. The best part about these documents when you find them in my opinion, is the heavy linen folder with the big embossed and gilded eagle. This document folder does not disappoint and make a very impressive display. There is some wear to the lower left corner of the folder, but I think overall, this is one of the best ones you can hope to find. The dagger is not included and is a focal point.

Walther Heinrich Alfred Hermann von Brauchitsch (4 October 1881 ? 18 October 1948) was a German field marshal and the Commander-in-Chief of the German Army during World War II. Born into an aristocratic military family, Brauchitsch entered army service in 1901. During World War I, he served with distinction on the corps- and division-level staff on the Western Front.
After the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Brauchitsch was put in charge of the East Prussian Military District. He borrowed immense sums of money from Hitler and became dependent on his financial help. Brauchitsch served as Commander-in-Chief of the German Army from February 1938 until December 1941. He played a key role in the Battle of France and oversaw the German invasions of Yugoslavia and Greece. For his part in the Battle of France, he became one of twelve generals promoted to Field Marshal.
After suffering a heart attack in November 1941 and being blamed for the failure of Operation Typhoon, the Wehrmacht’s attack on Moscow, he was dismissed as Commander-in-Chief and spent the rest of the war in enforced retirement. After the war, Brauchitsch was arrested on charges of war crimes but died of pneumonia in 1948 before he could be prosecuted

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