SMGL-2234 Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Clasp in Gold Cased by JMME & Sohn


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Yes, It’s gold! If you look at the back you can see the gold hardware. I thought this was a nice silver badge at first myself. We see some of these late badges lose their gold finish completely and it’s from a slow chemical reaction with the base zinc alloy. This loss of finish happens to varying degrees depending on the type of zinc alloy used and the type of gold or silver finish and method. What’s interesting about this, is that JMME used a very good quality Zinc alloy on this example. So quality of zinc has nothing to do with finish loss. The clasp is in absolute unworn mint condition otherwise. The case is in fantastic shape and opens and locks as it should. The glue that holds the felt in has dried up allowing us to see the stamp on the cardboard “631 KB”.
The case alone on these is worth a large car payment! Overall, I feel this is a super piece and I think a great addition to any serious collection. If this had all the gold was in this condition I would be asking $1500!

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