SMGM-3630 Japanese Army Parade Sword


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Slightly curved 29″ single-edged blade with full-length single fuller, long unmarked ricasso and false hamon. Cast brass hilt featuring openwork guard and integral knuckle bow attached to the pommel with integral backstrap; decorated ensuite with foliage and Imperial Chrysanthemum. Black wood grip. There is no wire wrap. It’s possible this sword was modified by grinding the pinned over tang off and taking material off the pommel area to allow the screw on brass pommel nut to go on. It has the smiths marks on the top to suggest it was professionally done. I’m no expert on these but I’m assuming this modification was done to replace a broken blade/grip or to simply make Maintenace easier. Either way, it allows the owner to contemplate a reasonable cost of adding wire wrap or ray skin to the grip.  Nickel-plated scabbard with single carrying ring, is dent free and seems to have been gold washed after it was nickeled.  Blade very good with no nicks and average runner wear. The tip has slight sharpening likely due to some damage from contacting the ground.  Overall length 34 3/8″, not including scabbard. Patterned after their Western martial counterparts, these kyu gunto swords were used for parade and dress events by Army officers and not made using the traditional methods of Japanese swordsmiths. For that reason these swords come with a blunt factory edge.

This version has a more ornate back strap then many i have seen before and may have been used by a higher rank.

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