Cuban Order of Merit and Honor of the National Red Cross, Grand Cross/Knights Cross/ Stick Pin (Orden de Honor y Merito de la Cruz Roja Cubana, caballero)


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Grand Cross: Large and impressive eight-pointed rayed faceted silver gilt star; the face with an imposed gilt-edged red enamel Greek (Geneva) cross, five-pointed silver gilt stars between the arms, with a circular central poly chrome enamel medallion bearing the arms of the Republic of Cuba within a white enamel ring inscribed in gilt letters INTER INIMICOS CHARITAS  ORDEN DE HONOR Y MERITO 1909 (Charity between enemies  Order of Merit and Honour 1909); the reverse with pins for wear and a large clasp bearing silver hallmarks, a makers plaque imposed centrally inscribed Fabricado En Cuba within a belt inscribed Vilarderbo & Riera Habana. The Enamel on this piece is 100% throughout! No Chips and no stress cracks! diameter 3.2 inches.A rare and impressive piece of outstanding quality.**********************************************************************************************************************************


Knights Cross:Red enamel Greek (Geneva) cross. The five-pointed silver gilt stars between the arms are missing on this piece, they seem to have been intentionally removed. The oval green enamel laurel wreath in looking good with only some very minor chips. The face with a central circular medallion bearing the poly chrome arms of the Republic of Cuba within a white enamel ring inscribed in gilt letters INTER INIMICOS CHARITAS (Charity between enemies) is in great shape, but there is a fairly large chip of enamel missing on the lower red cross arm. The reverse with a circular central blue enamel medallion bearing the date 1910 in gilt script numerals within a white enamel ring inscribed in gilt letters ORDEN DE HONOR Y MERITO (Order of Merit and Honour) shows a few chips to the white enamel. The Cuban Red Cross was founded by Diego Tamayo y Figueredo on 10 March 1909 and recognized by the International Red Cross on 7 September 1909.************************************************************************************************************************************

Stick Pin: 0.74 inches across. Outside of some tarnish, this pin is in killer condition. This stick pin is EXTREMELY RARE.

The relatively small size of the Cuban Red Cross and the political history of Cuba make all its orders rare, especially in senior grades.

This is a fantastic set with items that are impossible to find together as a set. We are including a hand made Gold painted box that the medals where acquired in. The box is stamped, “made in Italy”.


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