SGML-1385 “DAGGER SHIT” Protective Dagger Wax 8 gram container


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Works great on zinc badges to prevent zinc pest! Listen man, I didn’t invent this shit. I don’t make this shit. Customers always ask me “What kinda shit do I put on my daggers?” This shit. It’s sold by gram weight, because its as expensive as drugs. In fact, you probably do lots of drugs if you collect daggers…so this shit is really for you. This is special shit that museums and restoration companies use. Can you find it online in larger quantities? YES! Is it cheaper? Yes! However, this special shit is not something you need a lot of. Most people don’t want or need a big can of this shit rolling around in their office desk drawer. There is enough other shit in there that has nothing to do with being productive, like business cards of people you will never call.

You lube up your stabber and get yourself a cotton rag and buff it like a high school kid in the bathroom. When you want to show off your ten incher to that special someone and they get their grubby fingers all over it, you lube it up again and repeat. This will harden when it dries so removing excess is important. One small as shit container will last you years and years if you only have one dagger. If you show of your dagger daily, maybe you need more then this….and a Dr.

How to use it? I already told you.

Put this shit on with cotton cloth. Leave it on for a minute or two and put in the stabber back in the scabbard. This will get it some on the runners inside. Take the dagger out, buff and repeat if needed. Leaving it on without buffing can be done, but you will need aWD-40 or similar thin petroleum product to remove it once it hardens. This shit is safe for wood runners and wood grips as well. Works great on leather…but if you have a large dry leather piece, you will go bankrupt buying this shit from me. Although it is safe for gold inlay and blue panels, i would not recommend buffing these areas as any friction will effect them no matter what product you use. works fantastic on Damascus.  Use it on nickel to prevent yellowing or verdigris.

This is not a polishing compound like car wax. There are no abrasives in it. It cannot fix your dagger if it is shit to begin with. It WILL preserve your dagger in the condition it is in and help keep those pesky finger print marks off. We all have those dumb ass non-collector friends and family  members that touch the damn blades after they were sucking down wings at your party.

I’m not going to buy a new car by selling $5 containers of this shit, so don’t get it twisted.  I’m selling it like this because you guys are lazy like me. You want all your shit on one reliable website in portions you will actually use. It’s a courtesy really. You are welcome.

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