JLSMGP-1681 NSKRB Veteran gorget *SOLD


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Here is your change to own a rare gorget from the NSKRB! This one is in fantastic shape showing only minor oxidation to the chain and some minor wear and pitting to the aluminum. All of the black felt backing material is present and it is stamped “1” on one of the reverse tabs. The front design is near mint with minor wear and a perfect enamel shield. Many times when we find this gorget the enamel is less than perfect, not so here!!!

This is the Gorget of the Reichskriegerbund ‘Kyffhauser’ during the times of the Third Reich. In the name of Gleichschaltung, the Kyffhauserbund was nazified after the Nazi takeover of power in 1933. Five years later, its name was altered to “NS-Reichskriegerbund ‘Kyffhauser’ e.V.” (Nationalsocialist Reich Warriors Association ‘Kyffhauser’), becoming the sole and exclusive organization representing the Veterans’ interests in the Third Reich.

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