JLSMGP-1689 NSKK 1st Pattern Crash Helmet Named *SOLD


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The NSKK was formed in April, 1931. During that timeframe and their early stages, they searched for a clean, smart looking helmet that was suitable for their needs. In 1938, the adaption of the SA Motorized units helmet was put into place with the only modification being the insignia used. This First pattern example of the Brown NSKK crash helmet is in good condition. Front and center on this highly recognizable helmet is the attractive first pattern NSKK metal eagle which is still crisp and shows no signs of wear and degradation. The exterior has two hard raised protective ridges running around the circumference of helmet as well as the dome. The helmets outer shell has seen some wear over time but overall nice and salty due to age. The helmet still retains its 2 ventillation screened grommets on each side. On the left side of the helmet there is a crack in the leather running through and upwards past the grommet, possibly due to a crash , or just plain age. The helmets short front brown visor stitched to the front is still stiff and in good condition, also considering the years. This helmet has side flaps complete with the cut out and fold over ear protectors, which are still functional. Missing to this helmet is the right chinstrap, which looks like it’s been missing for awhile. The rear brown leather neckflap is still not only present, but pliable and shows some honest wear which coencides with the rest of this piece. The interior tan leather 9 finger liner and dome protector are still soft, stamped a size 56, however, no drawstring is present. Inside the liner of the helmet there is a name present, however a bit unreadable. Overall, this is a nice, honest and solid piece of early motorized nazi memorabilia from the infancy stages of the Third Reich. Priced to move.

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