SMGL-1459 NSDAP Administrative Kreis Level Armband


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If you have never held one of these in your hands before, they are quite impressive. The fine bullion flat wire threaded oak leaves and gold bullion edges around the swastika really give these a nice heavy feel. This one isn’t perfect, but it’s priced a little lower because of that. If anyone ever told you moths don’t eat rayon…here is proof that that isn’t true. The moth damage is limited to the white rayon area of the roundel. There are also a few spots where the machine threading just missed the oak border and you can kinda see under the border.  This armband doesn’t appear to have been issued an was likely old stock that was brought back from a supply room raid. This could potentially be restored if you had a donor rayon roundel on a badly damaged standard armband, some old thread and someone who is good with hand sewing.

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