SGM-102414 Rare One of a Kind Forestry Dagger Prototype By Eickhorn *SOLD


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We are currently accepting serious offers on this dagger. Please email us with your offer. The actual dagger was not known to have been officially produced and there is speculation about the date and origin of the dagger due to this. We could deduct that Eickhorn Contracted Casberg to design the piece and this artwork is the result. Once the artwork was created, we would also deduct that Eickorn made the hilt, handle and scabbard fittings but never got around to finishing the piece. The reasons could vary from being too late in the war, production costs or just failure of the prototype to get approval. We have the only known example that was produced and it was clearly based 100% off of this artwork. The conflict comes with the blade, which doesn’t add up. What likely happened, was the piece was found at the factory many years after the war and someone decided to “finish” the dagger. At that time the post war blade was added. This could have been during the Eickhorn auction when the company went out of business. It is my opinion, that the?dagger is in fact original,?but does have a post war blade.? We have in our possession original Paul Casberg art work that directly ties the pieces together an validates its existence. You can view it here:

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