SGML-1387 NSDAP train car or motor transport ID Flag *ON LAYAWAY


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When this was purchased I thought it was a standard NSDAP Banner. This one is only single sided though and has 6 rivets with the swastika roundel centered, just like a regular vehicle ID flag. Only thing is, it is MUCH bigger. It comes in at a super long 15+ feet (188 inches actually). The width is 5 feet. This large size is often seen on NSDAP banners that are double sided and hung from a pole loop. So it’s very interesting to see an ID flag made in this length. It’s possible it was used for political events, like to wrap a column or something.  Ive attached a digital photo of a train car with a similar flag for reverence, although i think that one is even bigger.

Has some minor stains,  a few very small holes but is otherwise in excellent condition. The grommets halfway down are reinforced with more fabric. The flag is multi piece, consisting of separately sewn on roundel and swastika as well as two pieces of red fabric seamed in the middle.

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