SGML-1391 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger No Maker


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This dagger has all generic style fittings and no marking on the blade. These generic style no maker daggers could be sold presumably by third party dealers who did not care to advertise the maker of the dagger and wanted to keep costs low. The scabbard is nickel plated and in very fine condition. There is a significant amount of wear to the scabbard bands however. This is typical of a well used dagger from the friction of the steel loop rubbing against the softer aluminum or in this case zinc scabbard bands. It’s a feature some collector actually like, as it is a sure sign of authenticity.

The blade shows some evidence of light oxidation that was evenly polished out. There is no major pitting or unsightly dings. Solid celluloid grip is in good order, but when we do break it down there is a small chip that was glued back together that the ferrule covers. I do not see a risk of further damage if cared for correctly and it does not effect the assembly or look of the dagger in any fashion.


Overall, I think this is a decent dagger for a reasonable price. Pick yourself up a set of hangers and a portepee and you have a great looking display piece.

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