SGML-1406 SS-Leitheft Jahrgang 7 Folge 12b early reprint


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The SS-Leitheft was a Nazi SS periodical that ran from 1934 to 1944 and encapsulated much of Himmler?s vision for the SS and how it should be presented and seen by members and by others. Often referred to as the “Leadership” magazine the SS-Leitheft was designed to teach (and preach) National Socialist ideology and NS lifestyle to members of the SS. Many issues focused on racial politics, blood lines, Aryanism and the importance of racial purity. The whole visual look of these rare magazines was to enforce and enhance the SS ascetic and elite style. The typography, use of runic and Nordic symbols, photography and illustration was all geared to push the SS ideology and Nazism in its purist form.


This issue is mainly cartoons and is an early reprint from the original, however i do not know when it was printed.

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