SGML-1413 Army Dagger by Eickhorn Slant grip


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This Eickhorn has all the quality and craftsmanship you would expect from this maker. Nice dark silvered fittings and a very clean sharp eagle. The slant grips are harder to come by and considered an up sell in the dagger world.  If you are not familiar, the slant grips have a more drastic pitch to the spiral design then the standard grips. The grip does show two small stress cracks, however, upon inspection under the ferrule, there is no further damage and the cracks are superficial in nature as long as you do not over tighten the pommel. The grip has not been cleaned and retains all the debris it accumulated over the years.  The pommel appears to be a “B” version based on Tom Wittmanns book which may not be attributed to Eickhorn so it could be possible that it is a replacement.  The cross guard is superb and easily one of the best you will come across condition wise, it also has a leather bumper as it should. The guard is the second pattern eagle that Eickhorn used.  The scabbard finish is a perfect match to the guard as you would expect from this maker. The scabbard is in really good shape but does show some finish wear at the tip and a few small dents near the tip. The blade is free of major scratches and knicks, but does show some signs of oxidation and polishing to mediate the oxidation. It’s not a perfect blade but is still quite nice and not distracting from the rest of the dagger. If you are looking for a nice slant grip Eickhorn, this is a great option for you.

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