SMGD-102 Helbig NSFK Dagger *SOLD


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This Helbig is entirely aluminum. The throat on this one is unmarked and has the correct lower fitting screws, although one is missing. There is also a set screw missing from the scabbard tip. Also rare on this piece is the gold swastika. They are more commonly found with black swastikas. The blade is in good condition, showing all of the original cross graining. The tip does have an uneven look to it and looks like it may have been subject to polish. Its possible there was some corrosion or ding that was worked on. You can see a small ding at the tip as well. Not to worry, the blade shows no signs of being re-tipped as it measures just shy of 7 inches and has the factory “cut” edge at the tip. The overall length of this dagger is about 13 and 5/8 inches. The pebbled “crackled” material has held up well and still does the job at simulating real leather as intended by the original producer. There is a dent in the scabbard, but i really don’t think it detracts from the piece. There is some light corrosion setting in but the maker is still clear as day. The leather hanger strap is also intact which is a nice bonus.

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