SMGD-114 SA Dagger RZM M7/13 *SOLD


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This is a real nice RZM dagger! Not a chip or flake can be found on the chromed fittings! The fittings show some aging because they have not been polished or cleaned in some time. It would be the new owners choice to clean up the haze. You can see a small amount of oxidation around the lower portion of the upper scabbard mount. The domed scabbard screws look to be un molested and never taken down. The paint looks great, and looks like there was a base primmer applied before the brown. This is likely why the scabbard has held up so well. There is an unusual black paint of some sort which is raised..definitely happened after the brown was applied, but not sure how or when this happened. The Scabbard drag/ball tip is fantastic, which can be hard to find in this condition with no dents. The Pommel nut is very tight, and i doubt it was ever removed or taken down for cleaning. The grip is a really pretty light color with a small nick near the cross guard. The Eagle is the nickle variety and looks great. The SA enamel inlay shows some light green oxidation. The RZM marked blade is Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald and is in fair condition. It’s easy to see there was some oxidization which was cleaned up at some point. It looks tastefully done though, as you can still see most of the cross graining and the motto and rzm mark are still deep and clear. there are a few small dings to the blade edge, but the blade does not appear to have been sharpened. A real nice dagger.

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