SMGD-125 2nd Luft WKC Artificial Ivory grip *SOLD


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This is a tough to find artificial ivory grip! These were made as a supplement to give buyers an upgrade option when ordering that was less then real ivory. Real ivory was pretty tough to get hold of when the war was going too.? This dagger has a real clean unsharpened WKC blade and matching WKC fittings. There is a tiny nick on the on the blade, barely visible but you can feel it when you run your finger down the edge. Fittings are in airplane grey and have the fantastic detail you would expect from WKC. The grip itself has a few imperfections, with a noticeable depression in one spot.? The grip wire is snug, with some typical wear that you would expect with a dagger that was in wear. The grip is a but loose, which you would expect on these plaster filled versions. I would advise not to tighten the pommel to much to avoid damage. The scabbard is steel that has taken on a darker color, but you can see bits of the original lighter silver finish near the hanger rings.No dings to the scabbard and only a bit of surface oxidation.? Definitely a nice addition to your collection at a good value.

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