SMGD-126 Early SA Dagger Herm Konejung A.G. *SOLD


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This maker isn’t as common as some of the bigger firms, but they did make a decent amount of daggers. They only had a contract to supply daggers to Hessen (He). So it goes without saying that an early nickel dagger from this firm should be area stamped “He” as this one is. Condition is good overall as the nickel fittings tend to hold up well. There is a chip on the SA enamel inlay and lots of little dents in the wood from the owners hanger loop. There is no doubt this dagger was worn in public often and has seen many a day at a beer hall, waiting for orders to go create mayhem in the streets. The wood has an attractive grain and color on the front, with some signs of fading in areas. The pommel nut is tight, and I doubt it has been taken apart in many many years.? There is some hand enhancing to the cross guards, but not as deep as we see on some other makers. the blade seems to have been un touched and has a really clean deep maker etch. You can still see clearly the original cross graining. You can see the age and wear from the scabbard on the blade, but no dents or deep corrosion. The blade edge is perfect, as well as the tip. The blade has some movement, which i attribute to the age of the wood grip. The scabbard is early construction and is original to the dagger. The finish is the anodized variety found on these early versions, and most of the protective coating has faded away. The scabbard is in great shape for its age, having only a few small dents that you can’t really see but can feel with your hand. There is a small amount of green paint on it, id say from a project the SA man was working on. It seems to match the age of the dagger. Screws where taken out at some point based on condition, but again…it was most likely done by the SA man. The upper mount shows some dings from the belt loop and the lower fitting has a dent in the ball end, which is typical on these daggers. A fine early example for your first SA or to add to your early SA collection.

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