SMGL-1439 Haus Wachenfeld Post card (Berghof)


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Card has some small creases, otherwise excellent.



“Haus Wachenfeld” was built in 1916 for a banker named Winter, as a vacation cottage (his wife’s maiden name was Wachenfeld). It was a modest house, with only one large room and a kitchen on the main floor. Through his half-sister Angela Raubal, Hitler rented this house in 1927 for 100 Reichsmarks per month (some sources say in 1928), and he secured the rights to purchase it in 1932. He bought the house in June 1933 for 40,000 Goldmarks. After his election as Reichskanzler he commissioned architect Alois Degano to remodel the house, first with a sunroom added to the front (where there had been only an open front porch), a garage with a terrace on top, and additional out-buildings (later the Berghof Adjutancy). The major modifications were completed in mid-1933, with further small changes in 1934. The extensive second remodeling, which resulted in the Berghof, was carried out by Degano in 1936.”  From

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