SMGL-146 Silver wound Badge by Overhoff und Cie, Hollow back


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There is some debate about these as you can find threads about them. Some think they are black wound badges post war sprayed silver to deceive. I’m not so sure about that, as we always find these from the same maker, indicating that there is a VERY real possibility that the maker took regular steel black wound badge blanks and sprayed them. They are not “over sprayed” as some have suggested. There is no black base layer. For a fraudster to have acquired hundreds of the same maker, stripped the paint off and then perfectly repainted them in silver I think is way more of a stretch then just saying this is a 100% real silver wound badge. It’s also missing the pin as if it were ripped off a uniform. So, I’ve got it priced as a nice black wound badge because of the debate. I think its good though.

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