SMGL-153 Cased & Marked L15 EK1 by Otto Schickle Disputed variant *SOLD


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These L15 marked Schickle crosses are a pretty interesting case study. I implore you to read Dietrich Maerz and /George Stimsons book on EK1 crosses to learn more. There are basically the “dead ringer” Schickles, and then there is “everything else”. This one is absolutely in the “everything else” category.

“It is the opinion of the authors, however, that although these cross variations could very likely have been made prior to 1945, they were not made with whatever dies and hardware Schickle intended to use for their original products, and thus are not truly Otto Schickle Iron Crosses” * Maerz/Stimson

So, you can digest that information how you like. Due to these reasons, we have this cross priced at what a nice un marked cross would go for.

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