SMGL-181 Fussartillarie Binoculars WW1 (foot artillery)


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These binoculars were manufactured prior to the merger between Leitz and Goerz and were probably some of the highest-quality
binoculars available during that time period. The fantastic binoculars are in great overall condition for their age. The optics are a little dusty, but this set is serviceable so you can take it down to clean it. The optics are still clear enough to use as is. In the left eye, there are windage hashmarks, just as you would find on a modern scope! Fantastic! The blurry picture, if you zoom in, you can see the windage hash marks. The rare case has a working compass. The glass is heavily scratched and would be a good contender for a replacement. The leather on all pieces is dry but pliable. Might be a good idea to get some leather restorer on there once you get this set home. Overall, a pretty rare set of binoculars that were no doubt used again in ww2.

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