SMGL-2048 M35 Helmet Shell Possible Snow Camo


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So this helmet surely has some stories we wish it could share. I can tell you that it was once a standard heer green painted m-35 that was at some point painted white. There is obvious battle damage that appears to have happened after the white paint. After that, I think the person who brought it back or owned it many years ago painted the inside with black to stop the corrosion process. The black paint dripped all over as we can see. I think during this same time someone carved a swastika in the front. Then, finally, someone further investigated the helmet with some sandpaper and likely tried to “clean” it up a bit, carefully avoiding the swastika. You can digest all that information as you like but for $400 you aren’t risking too much and get a nice battle damaged shell regardless. The paint has covered up all the numbers and size, likely a 64.

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