SMGL-2351 RAD Hewer by Eickhorn *SOLD


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Always wanted a RAD hewer but the prices were always of of reach? This one is value priced for a few reasons, but is the real deal. The first reason this dagger isn’t $1,000 is that the scabbard is missing the lower fitting. Where did it go? If you are lucky enough to know where to find a scabbard that you can pilfer this piece from, you are in business! The upper fitting is marked with an inventory control number that is also present on the guard. This is a real nice thing to see, especial since they match. The stag grips also have one retention screw broken. The blade has been polished, likely to remove some rust or heavy edge wear. This appears to have been a “working” dagger and not just for show. So either the man it was assigned to was using it improperly as these were just for dress, or more likely, the GI who brought it home was using it as a tool. Either way, I think the dagger displays nicely for what it is. At this price point, you can always upgrade later.

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