SMGL-2454 NSKK Dagger by Weyersberg *SOLD


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For starters, this isn’t a flawless dagger. You will notice the scabbard was repainted many years ago, hard to say when exactly. And since then, the paint has been through a rough time with scrapes, crinkling and so on. The steel fittings are in fairly decent shape with screw heads in fair condition, however, we are missing one screw at the top scabbard throat. The blade moves freely and smoothly in and out of the scabbard with a nice fit. The dagger fittings are your typical late period nickel plated zinc with an average amount of plate lifting but not what I would consider ugly. The grip eagle is a early style, meaning this may be a transitional dagger or, that the grip was replaced at some point. The fit is actually pretty decent for a late period piece. The blade is nearly rust free but does show a lot of runner mark wear. There is a hint of evidence of a light oxidation in some spots. There is a light edge that was put on the blade but it doesn’t distract from the piece. Overall, a good starter SA/NSKK dagger

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