SMGL-24708 Complete SS Photo Album and Award Docs for Bruno Speth *SOLD


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A photo album like this is a rare treat! For some, a wet dream even! Unterscharfuhrer Bruno Speth Served in SS Germania AND LSSAH! This is one of the must meticulously filled out albums I have ever seen, and certainly the best SS album on the market! Looks like this guy was in the Fife and Drum Corps. Finding an SS pictures with guys wearing swallows nest can be a chore. This album is full of them! You get fantastic annotated pictures of drills, camp grounds, leisure activities as well as pictures of fallen comrades and superior officers! There are only a few pictures missing from the back from what I can tell. One them, and autograph of Speth is loose for some reason but you can add it back in if you like. The student of daily SS life will have a field day with this album.
Ok enough of that. Now lets talk about the documents! You get A black wound badge document, Eastern Front Document, Panzer Assault badge document, Promotion document, Calculation of war salary document, and finally, a hard to find SS Commitment declaration! SS award documents are extremely desirable on their own. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This set is just amazing and you will likely never see an album grouping this good ever again. From the advanced collection of Jay Gillespie.

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