SMGL-2526 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger Unmarked WKC *SOLD


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This is a good condition late period produced dagger with classic WKC fittings. The blade is unmarked and the throat is a generic non WKC example which means either WKC had to source other throats or that this dagger is a smaller cottage firm that purchased parts mostly from WKC. When we examine the thin wire wrapped grip and celluloid with a wood and plaster core, we can more confidently attribute this to a late period small cottage maker rather then a direct from WKC example. The grip remains uncleaned and has 70+ years of hand oils and dirt in the grooves, but is in remarkable condition for a late period example. The late examples tend to be found in poor condition due to the semi hollow construction and vulnerability of the wood and plaster to the elements. The thin style two wire wrap in nice and tight. The scabbard is in decent shape but does have some nicks on the side where it looks like someone was trying to knock a suspension ring off or on. The dents are very old and were not done with in the last few dozen years. The blade shows a fair amount of light superficial oxidation but no heavy pitting and no dings to the edges. A nice honest dagger at a reasonable price.

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