SMGL-2575 SA dagger By WKC Retipped *SOLD


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A re-tipped dagger is a dagger that had the tip broken off and the dagger was re ground and a new tip formed. This is rather common, as GI’s were messing around with these daggers and often stabbed them into wood and snapped the tips off. The dagger is a typical late period example, having Nickle plated fittings, an aluminum grip eagle and a painted scabbard. The grip fitment is a little wonky at the top due to a chip on either side and the pommel nut being slightly over tightened. This put caused the upper guard to take a slight angle on. The pommel nut is more then finger tight and I’m not sure satisfactory results will be obtained by trying to remove it. The blade was polished after the re tipping process. There are a few finger prints on the blade that won’t easily buff out, so you will need to work on those a little if they bug you. The scabbard is in decent shape having some shallow dents and a dented ball end. The original paint is in pretty good shape at about 90%. Looks like a black primer was used, either that or the factory that supplied these had excess SS scabbards and decided to paint paint them brown to fill the order from WKC. If you are looking for a genuine SA and don’t mind a few issues, this is a good value. It’s still a really attractive dagger.

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