SMGL-2580 Heer Dagger By Voos *SOLD


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As you may know, Voos is known for their etched daggers. Their quality is at the very top of the heap in the world of German daggers. So when we find a rather scarce “regular” Voos, they go quick and at a premium. This army dagger has all the quality you would expect from a Voos. Finely silvered pommel, ferrule and guard that have taken on a gorgeous smooth and even toning. The scabbard matches perfectly with the same finish and toning. The blade, a rarity in itself because it is chromed. Not many makers offered this due to the cost. The Voos snake logo is present but light due to the chrome process that’s done after the blade is stamped. The blade is in fantastic shape with only your typical runner marks and an odd spot. The solid celluloid grip is fantastic with nice sharp detail and no chips or scratches. You also get a well used portepee with this one, tied correctly. The grip has a little wiggle that I attribute to the original bumper in the cross guard missing. The pommel is more then finger tight and I would not recommend trying to get it off, as it may have been glued. Unless you have a perfect replacement grip, it’s not worth the risk since this dagger looks phenomenal as is. If not for that, I would be asking $1,000 for this dagger. If you can get over the locked on pommel, this dagger is sure to please!

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