SMGL-2592 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by Anton Wingen Jr *SOLD


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A nice late war example with a thick celluloid over wood grip. Interestingly, the wood is exposed near the ferrule close to the cross guard. It doesn’t seem to be worn, but rather what I like to call a “Friday Job”. Meaning the assembler was not interested in perfection and just wanted to get the hell out of the factory at the end of the week! In reality, as materials dried up, they must have had to really loosen quality control and a lot of things that wouldn’t pass inspection previously were now “good enough” to fill the orders and keep the doors open. I think the only reason this was let out of the factory is because the portepee easily covers the imperfection. The blade is in good condition with signs of wear but nothing bad. The scabbard has a few small dents but is very appealing overall. It does look like it had some rust removal and finish restoration done at some time, but it’s impossible to say when. Honestly, unless you are really keen on the finishes on these, you may not have even noticed, it’s that good. It comes with a slightly worn portepee which is a nice $90 value. This dagger will display very nicely and would be an excellent first buy for a luft dagger or, a reasonably priced Anton Wingen to add to a advanced 2nd luft collection.

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