SMGL-2645 Model 1933 SS Dagger by Gottlieb Hammesfahr *SOLD


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Well, we can’t dance around the fact that this dagger has been polished. When we examine the blade we can see some evidence of some pitting that suggests a previous owner took the liberty to remove the rust. Once you do that, you are left with little choice other then to polish the rest of the blade to match. There was some degree of precision, as the polish is even and care was taken not to eliminate the cross graining completely. The Gottlieb Hammesfahr maker mark looks really good and this would be my favorite side on this dagger. The upper and lower guards, to include the pommel nut are of early nickel and are also polished. The lower guard is serial numbered 133675. These serial numbed guards are nice to see and are generally more collectible then those without, as it adds a level of personalization to the piece. The pommel nut is more then finger tight and shows now tool marks to the rounded area. The grip on this piece is phenomenal. The deep ebony stain is gorgeous and really highlights the perfectly fit eagle and runes. The grip is also an excellent fit to the guards showing no gaps. The scabbard fittings are early nickel and interestingly, have not been polished to match the guards. The fitting screws look at tad large and I’m betting they are replacements. The scabbard shell has been painted black. These earlier daggers would normally have an anodized scabbard.
So, while it’s not an untouched example, it’s real and it’s shiny. If you are looking for a value priced SS dagger that will present well, this is a great option. A similar dagger in an unpolished state would sell for at least $3500.

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