SMGL-2710 Mainzer Carneval-Verein 1838 Enamel badge


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This is a large well made badge. The enamel is nearly perfect with only a small chip on the crown. Steel construction. Made by Carl Poellath

“Basically, Karneval (or Fasching, as we in the South say) is celebrated everywhere in Germany, but it’s a bigger thing in some regions than in others.

This item is from Mainz (where it is a very big thing indeed) and is from the Mainzer Carneval-Verein 1838 e.V. (M.C.V. for short). The inscription on the reverse translates as “The Royal Couple / In the one-hundreth year of the M.C.V.” Of course, it has nothing to do with actual royalty, but with the Prince and Princess of the Carnival.

The Royal Couple in 1938 were Princess Hildegard I. K?hne & Prince Martin I. Ohaus, the “H / M” on the obverse being their initials. Incidentally, this was the first time that the Princess was actually a woman; up until then, the part had always been played by a man in drag.

The flying streamer at the top of the design is in the traditional Mainzer Fastnachtsfarben [Colors of the Mainz Carnival] of red-white-blue-yellow.

Part of the rituals around the Karneval/Fasching is the awarding of “medals”. Whether this is such an “award”, or a badge worn by functionaries, or a commercially sold souvenir item, I don’t know.” (HPL2008 WAF)

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