SMGL-2753 US WW2 Cased Purple Heart With Injury Telegrams


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A very neat set here. You get a nice condition purple heart with a worn case and two Western Union Telegrams. The first is Dated 1944 Feb 3 and is to the injured’s mother Mrs. Jane D. Wright. It just says that Kenneth E. Wright was “slightly injured”. The Second Telegram is not dated and says “Heath improving. Please do not worry. Love=Kenneth Wright. I was unable to find anything on this guy on but he does show up on with his mom Jane. So you may be able to find more info on him if you are willing to pay for access to certain records. Regretfully, the award is not named or numbered so there is no way to know if this was his original one or a replacement. However, it is WW2 vintage. The telegrams are in poor condition, one being in several pieces from being folded and the other in whole, but fragile condition.

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